Day 273 #

Random pictures taken in the last few weeks.


Autumn brings cold mornings and warm afternoons.
You start craving tea to warm your soul, and if you're like me, you drink even more coffee.
All of a sudden, all I want to wear is cozy sweaters and warm socks. I finally can wear my docs again without felling like my feet are burning!
But still, I forget to carry an umbrella even when I know rain is coming.
Some days, jeff buckley plays sofly through my speakers.  And sometimes it's Dylan or Pink Floyd. 
I have no time to feel sad because school keeps me busy and I'm always running around with my friends.

I think: I don't want to leave this city. I belong here. In the middle of the vintage buildings and dirty streets.  Nothing compares to the happiness I feel when I walk amongst the streets on a cold day, looking at christmas lights and drinking a cappucino. It makes my heart beat faster, and it's a feeling that will never leave me.

I feel nostalgic when I look at the red leaves. And for the first time since I can remember, i'm not excited about christmas. 
I want time to stand still, because I need to enjoy this moment a little longer.
Can I stay here forever?

[November 2016]

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  1. que lindo, adorei ver e adorei ler. :)