I don't know how to say goodbye

One week has gone by since you left us. Since you left me.
I was not expecting to feel like this. I was not expecting to feel this pain inside my chest.
My heart hurts because i'm missing you.
Don't get me wrong, of course I knew I was going to be sad when you died. The thing is I knew that time was close, very close.
I could see in your eyes that you no longer had strength to fight. You were tired of suffering.
Still, you were one of the strongest people I knew. You went through a lot, you were a fighter. After all you were a wolf.
You were not the typical grandma, and I still can't believe you were 85. I talked about everything with you, and I particularly loved when you told me all of your crazy stories and jokes, and when you proudly showed me your beautiful garden. We definitely created a special bound that only we could understand.
It breaks my heart to know you are not at home sitting in your chair waiting for me, that i'm never gonna see you again, that I'm never gonna hold your wrinkled hands that were always embellished with rings and a perfect manicure.
I know you were always counting the days for me to come home, and now i'm doing the same. 
Please shine bright and protect me wherever you are.

I love you.