2015 was not a good year, I know I'm always complaining, I know I always say the previous year was the worst, but 2015 wasn't my year.
And that happened for a simple reason: I panicked.
I stopped doing the things I loved, and I didn't even realize I was getting lost in my own head.
It's awful when you are falling into a hole and you don't even know.
So my only resolution for 2016 is to stop making plans and to stop thinking about the future. I want to start living again without fear, I want to make new friends and meet new places.
After all I need to be thankful, I'm still alive.


  1. "I'm still alive" <3 que 2016 te trate maravilhosamente!

  2. o ano que passou também foi o pior ano de sempre para mim. mas pensa positivo, quando estamos no fundo "the only way is up". beijinho e que este seja um ano melhor*

  3. uhh thank you, também gostei do teu blog:) Bom ano e pensamentos positivos! Beijinhos

  4. É fácil perdermo-nos em nós próprios, acho que fizeste boas resoluções. Vive e sê feliz. Que este ano te trate muito muito bem!