Searching for Sugar man

I first got to know Rodriguez music when I watched the movie "Candy" some years ago, where you can hear his song "sugar man". After hearing it for the first time I couldn't get it out of my head, so I instantly became a fan of his music, and for some time it was the only thing I could listen to. Last year, when the Oscar nominees were announced, I was very surprised when I saw that a documentary called "searching for sugar man" was nominated for best documentary feature.It was about Rodriguez, and even though I hadn't seen it yet I wanted it to win, and surprise, surprise it won! Well, I only had the chance to watch it last night, and it was amazing. I never even imagined how inspiring and mind-blowing his story was. The movie focuses on the search for Rodriguez, an american musician that to everybody's surprise never made it in the US. His music just didn't sell there, and many people thought he was even better than Bob Dylan. The combination of his amazingly well written lyrics, guitar and indistinguishable voice, is addictive and pleasing to our hears, but at the time it just wasn't enough. And for me that is just unbelievable; how can a man that writes mind-blowing lyrics just be ignored when way worst musicians are overrated (then and now). 
Due to his lack of success, Rodriguez just vanished, and no one ever heard of him again, mainly because inconceivable stories were made up to justify his disappearance; like that he had committed suicide on stage.
Turns out that he was a superstar in South Africa, and everybody there thought he was dead. But thanks to those South African fans and their dedication, Rodriguez came back to life when they found out that he was alive and kicking.
This is a story with an happy ending, Sixto Rodriguez who is now 71 years old, is on tour around the world, and he his finally receiving the recognition that he always deserved. He deserves it, not only for his musical qualities, but for how hard he worked his whole life when he left the music business, accepting hard jobs that nobody wanted.
I highly recommend it, the interviews and testimonies are honest and heart-breaking, the soundtrack is smashing, and it really makes you admire this modest, creative and hard-working man.
I'll give it 8/10.

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