The Runaways

It was the first movie I watched in 2013, event tough it is from 2010. It tells the story of the legendary all girl rock band The Runaways, and the ups and dows of their carreer. I think that for a music fan, it’s always interesting to watch a movie about the history of a band, how things begin, so you always learn something new. 
The actors were well pick and the wardrobe was just amazing, and in my opinion the movie shows how teenagers are completely fascinated with music and fame. Like in many other bands in music history, the lead singer, in this case Cherie Curie, was the image of the band when the other elements were actually behind the music. 
I’ll give it 5/10, and here is a video of my favorite scene, the talent show when Cherie Curie lip syncs Lady Grinning Soul by David Bowie.

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