Factory Girl

I was always very curious about Andy Warhol’s work. Not only about his work, but the story around him and his muse, Edie Sedwick or The Superstar (as he called her). So I thought that a  good way to learn more about this Pop art couple, was to watch Factory Girl, a movie from 2006 that is focused on Edie,  her rise and fall as an It Girl, her troubled teenage years, and her romance with Warhol and Bob Dylan. She was indeed a true superstar, but I think that the message of the movie is that we are all disposable, no one is irreplaceable, no matter how original or how fabulous we are.
 I must be honest, I loved the movie, it’s very interesting, and Sienna Miller is just amazing as Edie.
I will give it 8/10.

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